We provide financial and moral support to the families which are effected by natural disasters and ill fated.

We create awareness of healthiness and well being for the elderly for the rural population. we have organized free eye check-ups and distributed spectacles and medicines for 200 patients. we have also paid for all expenses for 11 surgeries for poor people.

Spoorthi Student :

We encourage and support students from underprivileged and economically backward classes by providing books, uniforms and tuition fees for school and college students. Currently, we are supporting 3 college students and supplying free mineral water to 7 schools.

In the past, we have organized workshops for the school going children to encourage and create awareness about the benefits of higher education. We have also provided career guidance to some college students.

We have plans to organize English language workshops in summer for school and college students.

ముగ్గుల పొటీ(Rangoli Competition)

 లక్షకు పైగ భోగి పిడకలతొ 500 మిటర్ల  పొడవుగల భోగి పిడకల దండ